AnaEE Platforms

The AnaEE infrastructure provides you with several types of platforms to implement your research projects on terrestrial ecosystems:

  • Open-Air platforms
  • Enclosed platforms
  • Aquatic platforms
  • Analytical platforms
  • Modelling platforms

AnaEE community

The AnaEE research infrastructure coordinates researchers, engineers and technicians from the scientific community to support you in the implementation of your research project, from the conception to the valorization of your results.

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Brandbjerg (Climaite) Cultivation Domes / Bily Kriz DTU-Risø Experimental fields ETRS-European Tropical Research Stations -PETRS ETRS-European Tropical Research Stations -NETRS Experimental station Domaninek FOULUM (Biobase) FOULUM (Cents) -Tillage and rotation experimental facility FOULUM (Cropsys) Grassland drought experimental site Bílý Kříž SMEAR II - Station for Measuring Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relations Kevo Subarctic Research Institute Lammi Biological Station LIRA (Long-term experiments Infrastructure for Research in Agriculture) LUKE Northern and Arctic Agrosystem monitoring sites LUKE Northern and Arctic Agrosystem monitoring sites - satellite Maaninka O3HP (Oak Observatory at the OHP) Oulanka research station PLEN Agro Ecosystems Puéchabon LAUTARET Vestskoven Viikki Agricultural Production Laboratory (VAPL) Antwerp Meso-scale Ecotron Biosphere laboratory (dasotrons) Joensuu Ecotron Européen Montpellier, Macrocosms platform Ecotron Européen Montpellier, Mesocosms platform Ecotron Européen Montpellier, Microcosms platform Ecotron Hasselt University Ecotron IleDeFrance - aquatic microcosms platform Ecotron IleDeFrance - Ecolab platform PLANAQUA - aquatic mesocosms platform PLANAQUA - artificial lakes platform Ecotron TERRA Uliège Natural Resources Institute Finland, Suonenjoki Unit Fytoscopes - Growth chamber facility, Brno Antwerp FATI Kainuu fisheries research station PLEN Phytotron Risø Environmenral Risk Assesment Facility (RERAF) Silkeborg lake experimental facility Station d'Ecologie théorique et Expérimentale du CNRS à Moulis -Facility Metatron Station d'Ecologie Théorique et Expérimentale du CNRS-Université Paul Sabatier Mesodrome Algolab FO3X

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